An Easy Guide To Kitchen Resurfacing

Published: 15th August 2011
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'Doing-up' or remodelling your kitchen is a popular home improvement option chosen by those looking to add extra value to their home or extending the life of their current kitchen. A complete kitchen revamp involving new cabinets, worktops and units can be very expensive, especially when you have a perfectly functional kitchen in the first place. What if you could redesign your kitchen without the need for costly materials and major disruption to your domestic life?

If you're looking for a quick, easy and cost-effective way to revitalise your kitchen, resurfacing could be the answer. By simply applying a newer, more attractive finish to your cabinets and countertops, you can give your kitchen a fresh new look without the need for expensive contractors. But how does it work and what are the options?

How to revitalise your kitchen cabinets

If you can live with your current worktops, resurfacing your kitchen cabinet doors can be as easy as applying a new coat of paint which could remove those old and outdated colours from your kitchen, especially if your cabinets have wooden doors. Special paints are available from DIY merchants that give a grained effect to the doors. But, the problem with this is that the results can be unreliable and the painted finish compromises the hygienic qualities of vinyl covered or solid wood kitchen doors.

The best way to resurface your kitchen is to junk the old doors and replace them with the design or colour of your choice. You may like the new flat and 'ultragloss' finishes that are available and give your kitchen a really modern new look. Replacement kitchen door companies will be glad to supply you with samples of the ranges they have available, so that you can see how the new design/colour will look in real life. It is very easy to swap kitchen cabinet doors and many articles have been written on how to measure up for your replacement doors.

If kitchen unit end panels are visible in your kitchen, replacement kitchen door companies can advise you on what end panels to buy to match your new doors. Some even offer self adhesive laminates for this purpose.

Even a minor change such as replacing your kitchen door handles can dramatically improve your kitchen's visual impact, or you could upgrade the unit's functionality by using soft-closing hinges to eliminate door slams. By combining these small changes, you can transform your kitchen's look completely with a bold, revitalised design.

Transforming your kitchen worktops

Resurfacing your worktops is a slightly different proposition because they need to be both stylish and functional. A worktop surface has to be both hygienic and hardwearing enough to resist cuts and scratches for many years. DIYers have tried adding a layer of formica or adding tiles with limited success (a tiled worktop is particularly hard on glassware and ceramic crockery). Professional worktop fitters will resurface kitchen worktops with corian or quartz laminates, but this is a very expensive alternative.

The only long-term solution is to replace the worktop with one to match your new cabinet doors. Although this may seem a daunting task from the beginning, especially if a tiling splashback comes down to the worktop, don't forget that kitchen cabinets have adjustable legs which can be wound down to separate the worktop from the tiles. You can then replace the worktop and the legs would be wound up again, back to the original worktop level.

Any of these techniques can completely transform the existing design of your kitchen and the range of options available means it's easy to apply remodelling which meets your preferred look.

Paul Trafford works for Lark and Larks, a leading UK supplier of fitted kitchens and made to measure kitchen doors. From kitchen units to replacement handles, kitchen taps to stainless steel sinks, Lark and Larks supplies all the elements needed to create or refurbish a contemporary or traditional kitchen.

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